Desktop-System mit Schneidefunktion:
Ihr System für den universalen Schilderdruck!
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MultiMax 5 PCi

Desktop printer.

Articlenumber: 101528
Price: on request
Content: 1 piece

Printing with cutting, both to an extremely high quality!

Introducing the MultiMax 5 PCi. This desktop machine combines printing with cutting, both to an extremely high quality. The MultiMax 5 PCi can be used for industrial marking, safety signage and pipe marking for example.

  • Printing and cutting in one step

  • User-friendly

  • Inside and outside use

Cutting vinyl
You can also use the MultiMax 5 PCi as a cutting plotter. The machine can be used for cutting out vehicle lettering, window stickers, signs and many more items.

Signs and labels
Thanks to the MultiMax 5 PCi integrated printing and cutting functions, you print and cut your design in one smooth workflow. All kinds of labels and stickers are easy to make.