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LabelMax SP2

Our bestseller - user-friendly, compact, reliable. For printing extremely durable signs and labels whenever you need them.

Articlenumber: LM22100
Price: on request
Content: 1 piece

The LabelMax SP2 is a user-friendly, reliable sign and label printer to print a wide range of very durable labels and signs, providing high quality printing. Using the included label and design software SignMax makes the creation of signs and labels easy and versatile like never before. Choose symbols, templates and useful clip arts from a huge Clip Art Library for fast and professional results. Create and produce pipe markers, safety signs, inspection plates as well as individual text within minutes,
import your company logo or generate barcodes and many more.

By using our high-performance ribbons, tapes and labels in many different colours and shapes, you will get UV & saltwater resistant, scratch-, weather-proofed and also chemical resistant (e.g. petroleum, ethanol, gasoline, turpentine, alkalis, bases etc.) labels. Our supplies are optimized to withstand outdoor conditions and harsh industrial environment. Therefore they are perfectly suitable for industrial use and special needs.

The LabelMax SP2 will save you both time and money while giving you best results and highest flexibility in labelling and marking.